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Some of you noticed that submissions got a little backed up. The 2015 convention season started over the last month or so, and things have been a little crazy. They'll slow down in May though, so things should get back to normal. For now, please have patience :)

Also, please remember:

:bulletred: The Alpha Flight folder is not a default submission folder! Please ensure you're submitting to the correct folder. It saves both of us time and keeps the submissions queue from getting backed up with incorrect submissions.

:bulletblue: The Couples folder is for legit Marvel couplings, not fan shipping (sorry!).

:bulletblue: The Crossovers folder is for legit Marvel U crossovers (ie. X-Men & Avengers), not Marvel & DC fan crossovers (as an example).

:bulletred: Remember to submit finished art only. When this comes to illustrations, that means scans (not desk snapshots).

:bulletgreen: Star Wars is NOT a part of the Marvel Universe. Yes, its owned by Disney. No, that does not make it a part of the Marvel U. Its the same as other Disney properties that are published by Marvel but that is it (Star Wars characters do not run alongside characters from the Marvel U itself).
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ErinPrimette Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Where can I submit OCxCanon pairings?
whenhellfrozeover Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Professional
That's a really good question haha... I guess in the folder corresponding to the canon character. If there isn't one for that character, then the Marvel OC folder.

When it comes to couples though, the Couples folder is ONLY for canon couples in the Marvel U. So no slash pairings, etc. They have to be real couples at some point in the comics.
RogueMudblood Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015   Writer
With respect to the issue of scans versus pictures of art - if the art is too large to be scanned - may I suggest that users could refer to better ways of presenting photos of their art through these tutorials:
Photographing your art by kamicokrolock    Editing slides of trad. art by kamicokrolock

(There are others throughout the site.) Just a thought. :)
whenhellfrozeover Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Professional
Its acceptable as long as they attempt to make the photo look as highest quality of the image as possible, and not just a random snapshot of their desk :)
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April 9, 2015